Neo Research's Know-How Utilization In The Automotive Industry

  In the present situation of automotive industry automotive parts manufacturers and assemblers have to bring in something new for their business products which are beyond the conventional business models that we have produced so far. Now, we require focusing more on non-core businesses as well as more cost-effective ways to market along with non-conventional segments and countries. Here comes the utility of our company – Neo Research that provides consulting and research solutions for this particular need.

  Our involvement in automotive industry by providing services for supply chain management, sales and marketing has benefitted number of automobile companies. We are well experienced in the matter of helping our clients for promoting the business of commercial and passenger vehicles, car audio systems, two-wheelers, lubricant oil, aftermarket parts petrol and diesel retail, fleet fuel card solutions as well as substitute fuels for cars.

  Neo Research has business connection with more than fifty Global Fortune 1000 firms besides large local companies, other reputed organizations and various government agencies. Our customers rely on us for their innovative research challenges, depending on our know-how to offer personalized research and consulting in the matter of business development, sales, marketing and profit making.

  We feel very much satisfied and proud by providing practical value and knowledge to our customers. Some of the well known companies in the automotive industry such as Honda, Audi, Castrol, Fujitsu Ten, Toyota Motor Corporation, Yamaha Motor and Ford are our valued customers. Neo Research has an individual identity as a company and we have full-fledged ten service offices supervised by the directors. This means we do not promote the any branded products but do our own necessary research which could be beneficial for our clients. Since the year 2000 when our company was established, we are providing our services to our various customers with great dedication and devotion.

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