Services Provided By Neo Research In Respect To Chemicals And Materials Industry

  Chemicals are needed by almost each economic sector and industry, from oil and gas, energy and consumer to agriculture and retails. Neo Research provides services and solutions which cover the whole value chain of chemical industry, with an extensive portfolio of top-class products, solutions and services. The extensive product suite of Neo Research covers up bio-based chemicals and hydrocarbon, as well as fibres and plastics. We have in our specialized consultants team reputed analysts, experts and researchers. Neo Research is your ideal source for dependable, extensive content, analysis and research, offering insight and sharing with you to help offer guidance about your majority vital decisions.

Neo Research provides insights and data through various solutions

  Analysis and news
  Positioning and company portfolio analysis
  Analysis of process economics and chemical technologies
  Product-specific, near-term market research and discover of price
  Value segmentation, value chain structure and bases of competition
  Product-specific, long-term market research and estimation of prices and supply/demand
  Analysis of petrochemical feed stocks, carbon footprints and other sustainability issues

Neo Research provides following solutions to customers through

  Applications and proven databases
  Top-class analytics and consulting techniques
  Workshops, conferences and events
  Special reports and subscription services

  Neo Research's performance in the area of chemicals and materials industry has resolved issues beginning from marketing problems and sales to threat response and competitor benchmarking. We are proficient in an extensive range of product types.

  Our experience varies across an extensive range of chemical and material products covering both organic to inorganic chemistry and from additives and resins to gases for industry, materials like structural wood and cement, to ceramic and glass. Ours is a multifaceted and dedicated company that always takes care about the various needs of the customers and we have our branch offices in almost every country for serving our customers in a better way.

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