Involvement Of Neo Research In The Business Matters Related With Energy Industry

  Neo Research has vast experience about the energy industry. Our involvement in this industry includes market scope analysis, market feasibility studies, entry barriers for macro-environmental reports detailing and channel studies. The project groups we have researched include gasoline, diesel and petrol. CNG or Compressed Natural Gas products, solar power, bio-fuels including bio-mass and wind power solutions.

  Neo Research made secondary research from information gathered from trustworthy published sources. Depending on this Neo Research performed detailed primary enquiries through government agencies, competitors, subject matter experts and local EPC companies. The client was capable of identifying stakeholders with whom they can work and the states which were lucrative for market accessing. Project deliverables comprised a detailed report which discussed:

  An overview of the market in every country regarding District Energy Supply
  Main points of main access strategies assigned by vendors
  Opportunities, key trends and challenges within the market
  A synopsis of government regulatory commands related to the main issue
  Profiles of local EPC providers
  The biggest state-controlled project for gas and oil in Indonesia wanted to assess the possibility to roll out CNG or Compressed Natural Gas through public transport systems as a substitute to change from the norms of subsidized petrol. The purposes of the research were to conduct a feasibility study in regards market in Indonesia, including usage of sponsored petrol through public transport vehicle which have to be converted to Compressed Natural Gas, present demand in respect to CNG and benefits as well as forecasting to all shareholders related with this industry.

  Neo Research conducted the research through professional interviews with present Compressed Natural Gas industry participants and owners of public sector transport owners in 5 cities of Indonesia. This was in partnership with professional experts of Neo Research having thirty years of experience in Compressed Natural Gas industry.

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