Financial Services

  The finance industry encompasses a wide range of segments including banks, loan associations, insurance companies, card issuers as well as investment trusts. Neo Finance, our wing in the field of finance offers tailor made research as well as consultation to clients from all these fields. Our professionals have hands on experience which enables them to convert raw data and insights into workable strategies. We provide industry specific adherence to explain quality standards for a full range of topic which are related to research and methodical format.

  Our team of consultants conducts 360° touch point analysis as part of this research process. We handle vital aspects of the qualitative research like ethnography, shadowing and creative workshops. NEO Research's team of financial experts has a time tested record of handling thousands of projects from different domains like private wealth management and retail banking. Our other areas of expertise include brand architecture and brand consulting, communication research, brand reputation management, new product as well as service concepts.

  We also monitor the performance of bank advisors, insurance agents as well as POS research. Tracking the changes in needs and grievances of clients through online communities ensures satisfactory quality of longitudinal research. NEO Finance also develops and designs new product and service concepts which are going to be launched in the market. Since our entry into the highly competitive and ever changing market of finance, we have emphasized on partnering and delivering the high quality consultancy services to clients.

  All our research methodologies and consultancy solutions are developed according to specifications of each industry. The presence of well-known industry veterans in our staff ensures that each step of the research process is scrutinized with precision so that no discrepancies come up in our findings. Our expertise and dedication can form the lynchpin for the financial solutions of the company.

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