Industrial Products And Services

  Industrial products and domain covers a wide range of domains like construction, building and energy technology, electro and automation technology, chemicals and recycling as well as medical technology. Since our inception, we have served the research needs of leading companies from all the fields which have been mentioned above. A vast knowledge enables our researchers to provide apt answers to some of the most complex research questions of clients.

  The researchers working with us have a solid academic background from diverse fields such as economic, management, engineering and different branches of social sciences. This enables us to come up with customized research solutions using different techniques such as market specific product development or classic market analysis.

  We use more complex theories such as Kano approach while developing market strategies for technical products , and also to measure customer satisfaction. Our researchers access new markets as well as organizations on the basis of technical discussions as well as secondary research. To have a thorough understanding of consumer markets, NEO offers a perfect blend of qualitative as well as quantitative methods. Each domain of research is handled by qualified by experienced professionals with through experience and knowhow regarding all aspects of the industry.

  Consumer behavior forms the very basis of our research process. We focus on the patterns of usage, expectations as well as requirements of the target audience. Our researchers work hand in hand with clients to come up with interesting insights based on targeted research. They also provide suggestions related to marketing strategies related to the concept behind products and services as well as their promotional materials. The result as well as research advice is provided to clients in a clear cut manner, so that they are able to implement them in the target markets and gain suitable foothold in them. Our research services are available at the global level as well.

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