Our focus is to provide industry specific solutions. Our approach is aimed at understanding research & analysis related requirement of our clients. According to that, we plan and form our research strategies. This process ensures authenticity of research reports and saves our clients from any sort of disappointment.

  Our cross industry experience and knowledge to deal with expectations of clients from different sectors, lets us provide our solutions to following industries.


  In the present situation of automotive industry automotive parts manufacturers and assemblers have to bring in something new for their business products which are beyond the conventional business models that we have produced so far.
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Building & Construction:

  The building and construction industry encounters challenges at regional, national and international levels from declining project backlogs, increasing complex project and restricted new commitments owing prevalent economic uncertainty.
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Chemicals And Materials:

  Chemicals are needed by almost each economic sector and industry, from oil and gas, energy and consumer to agriculture and retails. Neo Research provides services and solutions which cover the whole value chain of chemical industry.
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Consumer Products:

  Retail companies and consumer products every date face new challenges – slow growth, rising costs and technology-enabled shoppers are few of them. Achieving consistence performance needs perspective, perseverance and innovative strategies.
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  Neo Research has vast experience about the energy industry. Our involvement in this industry includes market scope analysis, market feasibility studies, entry barriers for macro-environmental reports detailing and channel studies. The project groups we have researched include gasoline, diesel and petrol.
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Financial Services:

  The finance industry encompasses a wide range of segments including banks, loan associations, insurance companies, card issuers as well as investment trusts. Neo Finance, our wing in the field of finance offers tailor made research as well as consultation .
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  The food industry is subject to frequent changes as people’s tastes and preferences keep changing on a regular basis. Therefore, understanding the needs and requirements of consumer’s is of prime importance for any service provider. Our research work encompasses different aspects of foods and beverages.
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  Public sector organizations across a wide range of domains like health care, education and finance. Organizations directly under state highly value our services, to ensure that they are able to satisfy as well as resolve the needs and grievances of taxpayers. Our in-depth experience.
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Industrial Products And Services:

  Industrial products and domain covers a wide range of domains like construction, building and energy technology, electro and automation technology, chemicals and recycling as well as medical technology. Since our inception, we have served the research needs of leading companies from.
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Infocomm Technology:

  Innovation has been the innate feature of the information technology market. Massive use of streamlined technologies has bolstered the security of all vital system components of organizations. Our market research methodology comes with in-depth details about forecasts, analysis as well as trends of organizations and their technologies to predict future direction.
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Life Sciences:

  The healthcare sector is going through a transition as new developments are taking place in medical sciences, causing increased market competitions. Therefore, to help you cope up with these developments, we at NEO Research have come up with customized research solutions.
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