NEO RESEARCH Core Strength

  NEO RESEARCH offer primary and secondary data research Studies and having more than 15 years of experience in Health Care Market Research, Socio-Economic research studies, Industrial Research, Corporate Research, Techno-Economic Feasibility study reports, Demand Dimensions, Market Structure, Identifying Lead Players, Lead Brands and International Alliances, retail mapping, Consumer Research, retail audits, social audits etc,.

Capabilities & Core Strengths

  NEO RESEARCH core strength is to handle and conduct worldwide research and sample surveys for large sample size studies. We are having 15years of experience in handling very large sample size surveys both in rural and urban agglomerations and at the same time having expertise qualitative research – focus group discussions, in-depth interview and ethnography.
NEO Research has successfully handled Social Audits for public service departments for state governments, ICDS, literacy campaign studies; Rural & Urban focus socio-economic research studies, opinion polls/exit polls, agriculture research and agrotech research studies focusing on Indian conditions especially in rainfall dependent agricultural lands and feasibility studies among micro and small farmers.

Our Core Strength And Expertise In Research And Fieldwork Operations In Various Methods Are As Mentioned Below:

  Urban & Rural studies.
  Opinion Polls.
  Recruitments for Qualitative Research Interviews and Focus Group Discussions.
  Field process audit.
  Retail Mapping.
  Mystery Shopping.
  Auto Clinics.
  Mobile Surveys.
  Interactive Tools.
  Movie & Ad Testing.
  Image Highlighter & Heat Map.
  Training / capacity building / conducting workshop.
  Report preparation.
  Preparation of presentation.
  Project management.
  Conceptual inputs for Design of Research, Sampling frame work, survey instrument.
  Deliverables without time and cost overruns.
  Cable of handling large sample size surveys both rural and urban agglomerations for Market Research and Social Research studies. .

Some Of Our Offerings Include As Information Resource Providers:

  Primary Research Data Collection for both qualitative and Quantitative Research (Consumer research, Industrial and socio-economic research).
  Opinion Polls.
  Market Landscape and Trends - In-depth assessment of a market opportunity, covering market size, audience, competition and trends.
  Strategic Summaries - Short crisp presentations on market landscape or trends summarizing key happenings.
  Competitive Profiles - Deep-dive analysis, quick profiling or tracking of competitors.
  Existing Information Synthesis/Audits - Audit and classification of existing research from analysis of multiple internal sources (existing research or data) or external sources (syndicated reports, media).


  NEO’s team is expertly trained in finding the most relevant information from the ever-increasing ocean of available public and private data. Our team is adept at gaining value from secondary data research sources, and presenting it in the most useful and impactful way possible.
Fact books/Research Resource Books - Data books capturing statistics on markets, customers and competition from accepted sources, presented in highly formatted Excel/PowerPoint.

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