We know you want:- proven products and solutions that improve the delivery of the reliable data you need. We are able to give you an extensive range of services, from programming and hosting to sample delivery, scripting to online reporting, to power your insights and get the best out from our research assignments so that your products can be the best in the market.

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No one goes deeper than NEO when it comes to helping our clients dig deeper. You would be hard pressed to find a group of more experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand the intricacies of the research industry

  Our innovations and insights team are always on the forefront of product development that is helping to shape the future of panel member engagement and data acquisition. And our most important client-centric approach allows us to explore unique applications and solutions of these products in developing comprehensive solutions that go beyond expectations and gives results which no one would ever think of.

  You want:- proven products and solutions that improve the delivery of the quality data you need.

  We give you:- an extensive range of services, from sample delivery without charge to fully fledged sample sizes, from mobile research and online ad effectiveness measurement, to power your insights as clearly as possible.

  We realise every project is different. At times you may need sample data collection, full data collection, or various other innovative methods. You need not worry. NEO has expertise in all kinds of methodologies followed in the industry.

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