Whatsapp Research

With over 21 years of experience in Market Research, Neo Private Limited has provided custom-based services to help in achieving client’s advanced knowledge of their customers & markets..

Neo Private Limited is presenting an alternative research method for carrying out the market research more conveniently by expanding to the larger populace. The technique is effectively worked in Canada with incredible appreciation from the customer base. With the continuous appreciation and successful completion rate of the projects in Canada, In 2020 Neo private limited launched Whats App Research in India as well.


WhatsApp Research

With the expanding number of versatile clients and mobile users around the world, the world has become digitally closer where floating of information and awareness among the larger population has to be quick & action-oriented. Although there are various channels accessible to study your client’s needs and achieve the best outcome, we believe that what’s app SMS is perhaps the speediest approach to contact the respondents. Subsequently, it ought to be a part of every marketing strategy that can help you improve important areas of the research area and fulfill the study necessities.

Whats App Research is a survey mode in which respondents engage with a questionnaire online through a mobile phone that has Internet connectivity for quick action.

Benefits of Using Whats App Research?
  • Easy Setup Process
  • Prompt Mode to Get Opinion
  • Enhanced Reaction Rates
  • Cost-Effective Tool
  • Cost-Effective Tool
  • Reach a Various Set of Clients
  • Increase Respondent Engagement
  • Increase Respondent Engagement

We furnish to a diversity of customers, providing a personalized involvement with each project that we have been presented for our clients with various new & traditional methods.