About Neo Research Consulting Inc

  Neo Research Consulting Inc offers primary and secondary data research studies and having more than 9 years of experience in health care research, consumer research, socio-economic research, industrial research, techno-economic feasibility, demand dimensions, market structure, identifying lead players, lead brands and international alliances, retail mapping, retail and social audits.

  Neo’s core strength is to handle and conduct worldwide research and sample surveys for large sample size studies. We have good years of experience in handling very large sample size surveys both in rural and urban agglomerations and at the same time having expertise qualitative research – focus group discussions, in-depth interview and ethnography.

  Neo has successfully handled Social Audits for public service departments for state governments, literacy campaign studies; Rural & Urban focus socio-economic research studies, opinion polls/exit polls, agriculture research and agro-tech research.


  NEO is Asia's One of The Largest Independent Full Service Market Research Firm specialized in Multi-Country Market Research. We conduct various studies in Qualitative, Quantitative, and Online Market Research.

  NEO has members who are part of Market Research Associations like ESOMAR, AQR and ISO 9001. NEO is providing Full-Service Operations in more than 40 countries.

  We have Client Servicing Offices in 6 major countries with dedicated Research Professionals and Project Managers to take care of Research Process and Procedure in these countries.

  NEO provides a full range of Market Research Service to Global Clients. NEO offers a wide range of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services both nationally and internationally, specializing in Planning, Execution and Proactive Field Management for Multi-Phased and Multi-Location Projects.


  Mission - We believes that our clients' success is essential and most important to our own success and we therefore strive to provide Best Return on Investment.

  Vision - Our vision is to be one of the most respected and trusted market research organisations in the whole world.

  Values - Our very core values are client servicing, client obsession, integrity and passion for research.


  NEO is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organization, providing research services to clients on both local and global basis. We set ourselves high standards and aim to work collaboratively in partnership with our teams in order to service our clients in the most effective way.

  NEO is proud to be the only global market research company that is still controlled and operated by market researchers. We aim to remain the natural home for intellectually curious and passionate researchers.

  Our goal is simple: to be our clients' preferred research partners in our areas of specialisation, based on better, quicker, and cheaper methodologies and processes. We want our clients to be proud and pleased to work with us - and we want each one of us to be proud and pleased to offer our clients high quality standards, efficiency and intelligence.


  We act as catalysts, working closely with you to drive distinctive decision-making that will help you prioritize your product development and portfolios, differentiate your brand and ensure product profitability after launch. We are unique in that we unite clinical, medical and methodological expertise, commercial/marketing know-how and proprietary data. It is this rare combination, together with our unparalleled stakeholder reach, that enables us to mobilize incisive, imaginative and timely ROI-driven solutions for your business, empowering you to deliver better research options to your customers.

About Our Panel

Neo’s ongoing success and reputation for matching the right people with each research project is driven by data quality. To meet the changing needs of clients we are continuously refreshing our panel with new members. We actively recruit for our panel using social media, advertising, search marketing, incentivized panel referrals, local community groups, telephone and other snowballing methods.

However, our most successful method of attracting new members is through our current panel membership. We actively reward members for introducing new people and manage a dedicated program to this effect. We also incentivize with cash, not just points. Over 1000 new consumers and businesses register with us each month.

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  Our Services

  Healthcare Research

  Healthcare Research

Health & pharmaceutical sectors are dependent on market research for their swifter growth. At Neo, we have experts, who have been dedicatedly associated with healthcare research & analysis for a considerable period of time. We aim to deliver unbiased and well analyzed research results, ensuring commercial success to our clients from healthcare & pharmaceutical sector.

Our dedicated research team works under guidance of learned analysts, to provide extensive and valid healthcare market research reports to our clients. Our research is directed to emerge as commercially meaningful for our industry clients. This will unleash the path of grand success for the investors and stakeholders in this industry.

We always assure error free research results. Our thoughtful and intelligent research analysts keep a track of constant transformations taking place in healthcare sectors. This approach picked by us helps our clients to form their future business growth and brand building strategies.

Understanding significance of specific research needs of our clients, we have introduced custom research solutions. Our clients can enjoy significant benefits of these customized research solutions designed by expert healthcare panelists.

Our innovative and actionable approach towards targeted segments is meant to present positive and meaningful research results for our clients. Our research methodologies empower our medical sector clients to serve their market in better ways.

We never overlook ethics and ensure strict data protection to our clients. Privacy and authenticity reflect as major elements of our research & analysis reports. Our healthcare research team with knowledge and practical experience in this segment is our backbone. This defines better & improved research results for our clients.

  Media Research

  Media Research

As we all know that in the world, our business environment and technology are changing drastically. People are rapidly embracing the idea of being able to watch, read, listen to and access the content they want, when they want it, where they want it.

NEO provides companies in the fast-changing media, content and technology industries with research-based insights to improve their competitive advantage to the best possible manner.

We have teams who are expert in audience measurement for major national and international media, therefore, we propose a broad expertise including traditional and digital media audience measurement, syndicated media research, content development and testing, software services, market sizing and segmentation, customer acquisition and retention, media brand equity measurement, as well as the creation and running of on-line panels and communities and techniques for forecasting the likely success of new content, products and services in the market.

  Brands Research

  Brands Research

We have a very innovative approach which fuses brand experience and customer experience to give our clients more relevant insights and develop more effective strategies to sustain the best in the market.

We do not manage advertising, products or your services ..... We manage experiences!!!

Our focused customer-centric approach breaks down the barriers between advertising and brand management “touch points” and product and service “touch points”.

From the customer’s point of view, these are all part the same flow of experience. The customer who sees your TV advertisement at 10am is the same customer who calls customer service 2pm, shops online for an accessory at 4pm and talks with friends over dinner at 6pm about the things they love (or hate) about their mobile phone, beauty product, car etc.

Our portfolio of tools extend beyond traditional thinking about touchpoints to give you a deep understanding of how to optimize your experience points, alone and in combination.

Managing brand & customer relationships

Are you managing brand consideration, customer loyalty or are you managing relationships? We believe that managing your brand is all about managing the developing relationship between a person and the brand, relationships that are inherently emotional and social. These relationships evolve as experiences with the brand accumulate. And they are linked to business performance.

Your success depends on your ability to inspire consumers with your brand promise. And to deliver excellent performance across every experience point that consumers have with your brand, products or services.

  Consumer Research

  Consumer Research

We have teams who are expert in audience measurement for major national and international media, therefore, we propose a broad expertise including traditional and digital media audience measurement, syndicated media research, content development and testing, software services, market sizing and segmentation, customer acquisition and retention, media brand equity measurement, as well as the creation and running of on-line panels and communities and techniques for forecasting the likely success of new content, products and services in the market.

  Loyalty Research

  Loyalty Research

With our loyalty research programmer, we provide our international practice and experience to our clients to improve their business performance through customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Relationships are our specialty. We drive the creation and improvement of mutually profitable relationships for our clients. We identify the most critical priorities requiring action to improve customer retention and profitability.

The knowledge gained from several thousand projects completed around the globe, extensive R&D and a team of internationally recognized thought leaders, gives us a deep understanding of all the interactions that take place between your brand and your customers, your partners and intermediaries, and your employees.

Our expert researchers worldwide also have deep sector experience such as in energy, retail, telecoms, internet, finance, travel, healthcare and automotive.

We are committed to optimizing the profitability of relationships and maximizing the strength of our clients’ relations with consumers and customers, stakeholders, partners and employees. And we believe that the most profitable relationships are those that are mutually profitable, where both parties are satisfied.

  Opinion Research

  Opinion Research

Our teams of public affairs conduct research on public policy issues and on the attitudes and behaviors of citizens and consumers of different parts of the country. They also conduct political climate surveys and voting intention forecasts, public opinion research and elite stakeholder, corporate, and media opinion research. Our goal is to help our clients manage issues, advance reputations, determine and pinpoint shifts in attitude and opinion, and enhance communications.

We provide clients with information that helps them understand how they can build efficient and effective policies, programs, communications strategies, and marketing initiatives.

Our social research is categorized around various sectors of activities:

   Corporate Research.

   Reputation Research.

   Political and Election Research.

   Public Sector Research.

   Social Research.

   Trends Research.


Our focus is to provide industry specific solutions. Our approach is aimed at understanding research & analysis related requirement of our clients. According to that, we plan and form our research strategies. This process ensures authenticity of research reports and saves our clients from any sort of disappointment.

Our cross-industry experience and knowledge to deal with expectations of clients from different sectors, lets us provide our solutions to following industries.



In the present situation of automotive industry automotive parts manufacturers and assemblers have to bring in something new for their business products which are beyond the conventional business models that we have been produced so far. Now, we require focusing more on non-core businesses as well as more cost-effective ways to market along with non-conventional segments and countries. Here comes the utility of our company – Neo Research Consulting Inc that provides consulting and research solutions for this particular need.

Our involvement in automotive industry by providing services for supply chain management, sales and marketing has benefitted number of automobile companies. We are well experienced in the matter of helping our clients for promoting the business of commercial and passenger vehicles, car audio systems, two-wheelers, lubricant oil, aftermarket parts petrol and diesel retail, fleet fuel card solutions as well as substitute fuels for cars.

NEO has business connection with more than fifty Global Fortune 1000 firms besides large local companies, other reputed organizations and various government agencies. Our customers rely on us for their innovative research challenges, depending on our know-how to offer personalized research and consulting in the matter of business development, sales, marketing and profit making.

We feel very much satisfied and proud by providing practical value and knowledge to our customers. Some of the well-known companies in the automotive industry such as Honda, Audi, Castrol, Fujitsu Ten, Toyota Motor Corporation, Yamaha Motor and Ford are our valued customers. This means we do not promote any branded products but do our own necessary research which could be beneficial for our clients. Since the year 2009 when our company was established, we are providing our services to our various customers with great dedication and devotion.

Building and Construction- The building and construction industry encounters challenges at regional, national and international levels from declining project backlogs, increasing complex project and restricted new commitments owing prevalent economic uncertainty. For this reason, the industry is facing enhanced competition from new and existing, diversifying competitors. Our global team at Neo thinks that it is vital for building and construction firms to give their attention to the following key issues:

Supply chain efficiency and cost optimization are simply two instances of how companies are capable of protecting the margins through cost management and thereby issuing tender submissions when maintaining the profitability as well.

The companies have to assess effectively their shortcomings and competitive advantage while it matters to getting new contract. With more focus on procedures, processes and risk management, companies are finding an enhancement in the number of studies required to move forward, especially for projects funded by public.

Even in the period of crisis, it is significant that companies maintain strategic growth development in mind. With rising completion in domestic markets, some companies are opting for overseas expansion, either organically or through M&A. Expansion may also come in the way of creating an integrated offering and adding new service so as to better serve new customers.

Our building and construction team at Neo is completely dedicated to serve our customers and taking care about their constantly evolving and complex needs. Our international network mobilizes teams to serve you in any part of the world, offering you with scope to access international and local experience and easy solutions which our stakeholders and customers value.



Chemicals are needed by almost each economic sector and industry, from oil and gas, energy and consumer to agriculture and retails. Neo provides services and solutions which cover the whole value chain of chemical industry, with an extensive portfolio of top-class products, solutions and services. The extensive product suite of Neo covers up bio-based chemicals and hydrocarbon, as well as fibres and plastics. We have in our specialized consultants team reputed analysts, experts and researchers. Neo is your ideal source for dependable, extensive content, analysis and research, offering insight and sharing with you to help offer guidance about your majority vital decisions.

Neo Research Consulting Inc provides following solutions to customers through :

Applications and proven databases

Top-class analytics and consulting techniques

Workshops, conferences and events

Special reports and subscription services

Neo’s performance in the area of chemicals and materials industry has resolved issues beginning from marketing problems and sales to threat response and competitor benchmarking. We are proficient in an extensive range of product types.

Our experience varies across an extensive range of chemical and material products covering both organic to inorganic chemistry and from additives and resins to gases for industry, materials like structural wood and cement, to ceramic and glass. Ours is a multifaceted and dedicated company that always takes care about the various needs of the customers.



Retail companies and consumer products every day face new challenges – slow growth, rising costs and technology-enabled shoppers are few of them. Achieving consistence performance needs perspective, perseverance and innovative strategies. Our consultants work with reputed consumer products and various companies to resolve strategically industry-specific matters experienced by nowadays fast-changing society and technology.

In order to become successful, retailers and consumer products companies should become well aware about their customers and contribute value to each interaction. The ideal tools are technologies and information systems which facilitates immediate collaboration with consumers, suppliers and partners. We help you utilize these tools to gain maximum competitive advantage and achieve business intelligence. Our suggestions help you to take proper decisions depending on reliable and timely information.

While our mainstay competences target in developing relevant and accurate knowledge to resolve the problems of growth and entry, we are capable also for leveraging our infrastructure to facilitate an array of needs.

These are, for instance, the execution of targeted programs for business and design, like promotion campaigns and advertising and plans to improve performance for supply chain management. We realize the needs of the customers and for that reason modify the opportunity of every project as per their needs.

  Financial Services

  Financial Services

The finance industry encompasses a wide range of segments including banks, loan associations, insurance companies, card issuers as well as investment trusts. Neo Finance, our wing in the field of finance offers tailor made research as well as consultation to clients from all these fields. Our professionals have hands on experience which enables them to convert raw data and insights into workable strategies. We provide industry specific adherence to explain quality standards for a full range of topic which are related to research and methodical format.

The finance industry encompasses a wide range of segments including banks, loan associations, insurance companies, card issuers as well as investment trusts. Neo Finance, our wing in the field of finance offers tailor made research as well as consultation to clients from all these fields. Our professionals have hands on experience which enables them to convert raw data and insights into workable strategies. We provide industry specific adherence to explain quality standards for a full range of topic which are related to research and methodical format.

We also monitor the performance of bank advisors, insurance agents as well as POS research. Tracking the changes in needs and grievances of clients through online communities ensures satisfactory quality of longitudinal research. NEO Finance also develops and designs new product and service concepts which are going to be launched in the market. Since our entry into the highly competitive and ever changing market of finance, we have emphasized on partnering and delivering the high quality consultancy services to clients.

All our research methodologies and consultancy solutions are developed according to specifications of each industry. The presence of well-known industry veterans in our staff ensures that each step of the research process is scrutinized with precision so that no discrepancies come up in our findings. Our expertise and dedication can form the lynchpin for the financial solutions of the company.

  Food Industry

  Food Industry

The food industry is subject to frequent changes as people's tastes and preferences keep changing on a regular basis. Therefore, understanding the needs and requirements of consumers is of prime importance for any service provider. Our research work encompasses different aspects of foods and beverages including processed items, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Our clients deal with infant nutrition, raisins, nuts and palm oil as well. Product categories which we have handled in the past include wine, crop protection as well as confectionaries.

We conduct SWOT analysis in order to make analysis of existing situation, assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the current market scenario. This in turn can help you to cite the important as well as possible issues which may affect the sales of a brand in the market. The process begins by observing the strengths as well as weaknesses of your company.

Once the opportunities and threats have been found out, you can have a clear perception about their impact on the environment. Reviews of the marketing plan can be noted down. The main purpose of SWOT analysis is to check out and allocate each important good or bad factor in each of the four categories, allowing you to develop and implement your goals and marketing strategy.

A market forecast forms an essential part of market analysis. Our professionals will show you the features, future numbers as well as trends in the market where you want to launch a particular food product. They will help you to divide a specific number of potential clients into segments. The professionals who develop the plan will help you to get a fair idea about the existing trends. They can also help clients to estimate populations of target users within a specific area as well as its annual growth rates of each segment.

Neo is dedicated to providing them with in-depth analysis of the target groups, using qualitative as well as quantitative techniques. Our researchers have the experience of different types of research methods like ethnographic research, shadowing, as well as immersions.

  Life Sciences

  Life Sciences

The healthcare sector is going through a transition as new developments are taking place in medical sciences, causing increased market competitions. Therefore, to help you cope up with these developments, we have come up with customized research solutions. The researchers associated with us are well aware of the research trends associated which the healthcare sector. This know how has helped us in good stead to provide suitable answers to some of the largest medical equipments, diagnostics tools and pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies around the world. Currently, we are handling assignments both at the local as well as global level.

We interpret raw data as well as assumptions into strategies which can be implemented in any part of the world. Our major target audiences include support staff of hospitals, patients, major decision makers of the healthcare ministry, doctors as well as family members. We keep a track of the changes which are taking place in the healthcare industry.

So, we are able to come up with interesting, path breaking findings which help clients to work on the areas where they are lagging behind. The research work done by us has helped to answer research questions in different fields like appliances used in biotechnology, nuclear medicine, bio-pharmacy, as well as other emerging fields of healthcare.

Our recent research projects have been in the field of color ultrasonic devices, detection reagents, pharmaceuticals as well as medical garments. There are very few research services providers who have the expertise in such a wide range of domains associated with healthcare. All findings from our research findings are presented to clients with clarity so that they are able to implement our suggested solutions and acquire satisfactory results. So, to fulfill your long term corporate vision, you can depend on us for quality market research and consulting services.