We have good years of experience in handling very large sample size surveys both in rural and urban agglomerations and at the same time having expertise qualitative research – focus group discussions, in-depth interview and ethnography.

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Industry Overview

The food industry is subject to frequent changes as people’s tastes and preferences keep changing on a regular basis. Therefore, understanding the needs and requirements of consumers is of prime importance for any service provider. Our research work encompasses different aspects of foods and beverages including processed items, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Our clients deal with infant nutrition, raisins, nuts and palm oil as well. Product categories which we have handled in the past include wine, crop protection as well as confectionaries.

We conduct SWOT analysis in order to make analysis of existing situation, assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the current market scenario. This in turn can help you to cite the important as well as possible issues which may affect the sales of a brand in the market. The process begins by observing the strengths as well as weaknesses of your company.

Once the opportunities and threats have been found out, you can have a clear perception about their impact on the environment. Reviews of the marketing plan can be noted down. The main purpose of SWOT analysis is to check out and allocate each important good or bad factor in each of the four categories, allowing you to develop and implement your goals and marketing strategy.

A market forecast forms an essential part of market analysis. Our professionals will show you the features, future numbers as well as trends in the market where you want to launch a particular food product. They will help you to divide a specific number of potential clients into segments. The professionals who develop the plan will help you to get a fair idea about the existing trends. They can also help clients to estimate populations of target users within a specific area as well as its annual growth rates of each segment.

Neo is dedicated to providing them with in-depth analysis of the target groups, using qualitative as well as quantitative techniques. Our researchers have the experience of different types of research methods like ethnographic research, shadowing, as well as immersions.