We have good years of experience in handling very large sample size surveys both in rural and urban agglomerations and at the same time having expertise qualitative research – focus group discussions, in-depth interview and ethnography.

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As we all know that in the world, our business environment and technology are changing drastically. People are rapidly embracing the idea of being able to watch, read, listen to and access the content they want, when they want it, where they want it.

NEO provides companies in the fast-changing media, content and technology industries with research-based insights to improve their competitive advantage to the best possible manner.

We have teams who are expert in audience measurement for major national and international media, therefore, we propose a broad expertise including traditional and digital media audience measurement, syndicated media research, content development and testing, software services, market sizing and segmentation, customer acquisition and retention, media brand equity measurement, as well as the creation and running of on-line panels and communities and techniques for forecasting the likely success of new content, products and services in the market.