We have good years of experience in handling very large sample size surveys both in rural and urban agglomerations and at the same time having expertise qualitative research – focus group discussions, in-depth interview and ethnography.

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Service Overview

We have a very innovative approach which fuses brand experience and customer experience to give our clients more relevant insights and develop more effective strategies to sustain the best in the market.

We do not manage advertising, products or your services ….. We manage experiences!!!

Our focused customer-centric approach breaks down the barriers between advertising and brand management “touch points” and product and service “touch points”.

From the customer’s point of view, these are all part the same flow of experience. The customer who sees your TV advertisement at 10am is the same customer who calls customer service 2pm, shops online for an accessory at 4pm and talks with friends over dinner at 6pm about the things they love (or hate) about their mobile phone, beauty product, car etc.

Our portfolio of tools extend beyond traditional thinking about touchpoints to give you a deep understanding of how to optimize your experience points, alone and in combination.

Managing brand & customer relationships

Are you managing brand consideration, customer loyalty or are you managing relationships? We believe that managing your brand is all about managing the developing relationship between a person and the brand, relationships that are inherently emotional and social. These relationships evolve as experiences with the brand accumulate. And they are linked to business performance.

Your success depends on your ability to inspire consumers with your brand promise. And to deliver excellent performance across every experience point that consumers have with your brand, products or services.